Factions may be made with as little as one person. Faction serves many purposes on Faction PvP servers. For here, the main benefit is to protect your land and get better sense of protection.

Creating a Faction

Creating a faction is free, and can be done with the "/f create" command.

Joining a Faction

For various reasons, you may wish to join other people's factions instead of creating your own. Depending on how factions are setup, you may or may not need an invitation to join. If you do not invitation, or have already received invitation from the faction leader/officer, you can join the faction with the "/f join" command.

Claiming Land

Since the world may be edited by all, factions are the only way to gain protected land where others cannot mess with your building. To claim land for your faction, use "/f claim" command; this costs your faction 2000 for the first piece (16x16 chunk that you are standing on), and each piece there after gets a little bit more expensive. When unclaiming, you only get 75% of the money you've paid back, so make sure you decide carefully before claiming.

Faction land are protected. Unless otherwise configured by your faction leader, only members of your faction may build on it, and only members and allies may make use of the mechanics (door, lever, etc.). As such, hostile people are unable to enter your faction controlled land, and you should be relatively safe in your faction's controlled land.

Faction Power

Everyone starts with 0 faction power. Your faction's total power is the sum of all faction member's faction power. Every 1 minute you are in game, you gain 0.2 faction power (or 1 faction power every 5 minutes). Every time you die, regardless if you were kill in PvP or not, you will lose 4 faction power. You will also lose 1 faction power every day if you do not log in. The range of faction power is currently set to be between -10 and 10. However, you may be able to earn extra faction power quota through special events in the future. Faction power are important for maintaining land.

Maintaining Land

Maintaining land requires faction power. Each land you have will require at 1 faction power to maintain. Should your faction power fall below the amount of land you have, other people can over claim your land. Be careful and stay alive!

Basic Commands

Command Action
/f ls Shows a list of current factions.
/f show [name] Shows information about your faction; if [name] is provided, [name]'s faction information will be shown intead.
/f pow [name] Shows your faction power; if [name] is provided, [name]'s faction power will be shown intead.
/f join <faction> Joins <faction>
/f leave Leaves your current faction
/f invite <name> Invites <name> to join your faction.

This list only shows the basic commands, to get a full list of commands available to you, go in game and use the command: /f