The spawn is the 256x256 ({-128,-128} to {128,128}) region from the origin. It is the only safe place on the server that is free from PvP and mob damages. Its boundaries will always be clearly marked with bedrock and torches. As long as you are within the boundaries of the spawn, you will not take damages. Feel free to swim in lava should you wish to do so. Just remember to put out the fire before you leave safe zone!

Aside from being the safe zone, the spawn also provides various amenities.


Read about shops in Economy section!

Free-for-all Furnace

Furnace is available in the smith's shop, currently just at foot of the castle. Anyone can make use of these furnaces, so people may steal your items. Be careful of other people around you when smelting with these!

Crafting Table

Crafting tables are available right below the furnace. Unlike the furnace, these are private and only you can access the contents. Feel free to make your torch, or craft your fancy food here.


There are various secrets in the spawn area. Find them before other people does, and you shall be rewarded what's within.

The world of chiisana minecraft is Harder!

For starters, regeneration is only 1/10 of normal regeneration rate. If you are planning to engage in fights with mobs, make sure you bring extra food that will help you regenerate HP instead of just recover hunger meter! Additionally, the further you venture from spawn, the higher probability that you will run into mobs with potion effects. You will either see swirly potion effects near the mob, or the mob themselves will be on fire! With some luck, you may even run into the illusive giant. Will you take a stand, or will you run for your life?

As with all awesome video games, you start with 3 lives. Each time you die, you will lose a life. When you run out of lives, and die again, you will result in consequence of a short temporary cool down imposed by banning. Currently, this cool down is set to 30 minutes for weekdays, and 15 minutes for weekends (Fridays are weekends!). The items you were carrying at the time of death are captured in a chest, and may be accessed like any other chest. Any one may peek into the contents of your death chest, and loot what they please. You should make your way back to your death point quickly before someone find your chest and loot your goods.

Don't want to be banned and want more lives? Take part in special events to be announced at later date!

Don't remember how many lives you've got left? Just type this as chat message to find out: /lives